About me

I love to help people overachieve their potential and make their dreams come true.

During the past two decades of work experience, I have had the good fortune of working with some great leaders {and some not-so}. Both experiences gaveIMG_8385 me immense lessons on how to lead people {how not to manage them instead}, how to successfully build businesses {how not to screw things up with myopic strategies}, how to drive positive change in the team {how not to make them prowl job-sites every morning}, how to communicate and inspire {how not to make them feel insignificant and ‘not good enough’}… the list goes on. And now I am delighted to share all these lessons to inspire others follow their passions and make their dreams come true.

In addition to the exciting role leading digital transformation at Electrolux Asia Pacific, I also enjoy spending my free time helping other companies (large or small enterprises, established or start-ups) build businesses and succeed. The strategic consulting outfit I founded in Singapore, Artha Strategies, is a great platform for me to keep myself networked and to offer a helping hand to executives and aspiring business owners.

You can reach out to me at jai@artha.sg or follow me:

Jai Thampi (LinkedIn)

@JaiThampi (Twitter)

@JaiThampi (Instagram)

Jai Thampi (Facebook)


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