Why a blog?

Am not the first one to say this – we are living in a digital world today, more socially connected than ever before.

Thanks to the world wide web we now have industry experts sharing their experiences, business tips and case studies freely over the net, enriching our collective information (and hopefully, intelligence). I have been using Facebook and Twitter to share some of my shout-outs in the past few months, and I will continue to do so. However this blog will be the one-stop-shop where I collect and jot down all my thoughts.

What you can expect in this space

  • You will read my thoughts and quotes on various topics relevant to business – including leadership, strategy, marketing, people management, technology etc.
  • I will also share some relevant articles and news clippings that I come across during my daily scouring of the net.
  • Last but definitely not the least, you will read my thoughts on one of my most favorite topics – developing one’s self.

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